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Do Travellers Need Visa in Cambodia?

When you travel to Cambodia please kindly do not forget to prepare some of useful documents to avoid penalty or fine by police when you are at the certain check point like borderline or each airport. Visa is one of the most important things that you have to obtain with your passport but for those who from ASEAN community they don’t need to apply visa in advance. Below is detail information to apply E-visa or visa on arrival in Cambodia.

Cambodia E-Visa & Visa on Arrival(VOA)

Cambodia e-visa or electronic visa has been introduced by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and world exchange to help Cambodia Tourism industry. Having e-visa, is much easier for you, that you do not need to have any other requirements or making a visit to different embassy to have your document process as e-visa is already completed what you need and has been approved from online application. The simple way to apply for e-visa where the applicants need to fill up their detail information where needed and submit your e-visa payment through safety payment term with their credit card.

When you get your e-visa via electronic mail, get it printed right away obtain with your passport when make your journey to Cambodia. This e-visa is now having up to 25 different languages in the world wide.

NOTE: Please kindly note that this e-visa only for tourist visa for those who need a different visa like business, K- or diplomatic visa have to apply through its usual process.

For more information with regarding to the visa, here is the official website of Cambodian government: https://www.evisa.gov.kh/

Cambodia Visa On Arrival(VOA)

You can have a visa on arrival in Cambodia via Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or Sihanouk international airport. Please kindly note that not all countries in the world could obtain visa on arrival, so that would be good if you can check the official website which countries are note allow then make a short visit to your nearby Royal Cambodia Embassy to get one.

The children under 12 years old who travel with their parent will be free for their visa.

Apply Visa On Arrival by email:
If you have three months before travel to Cambodia and would like to apply the visa on arrival via email you could do it, but if you need something in urgent you have contacted the office immediately.

Non Visa On Arrival Countries
There are certain countries that are not able to obtain visa on arrival, nearest Royal Embassy of Cambodia is the only way that you can pay a visit to help you solve it. Here are list of the countries that not be able to get visa on arrival:
Bangladesh, Iran, Algeria, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Arab Saudi, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Afghanistan.
- Kindly pay your visit to the website below at Royal Cambodia Embassy http://www.embassyofcambodia.org/visa.html
- Please read more if you have any questions with regarding to your application of the visa http://www.embassyofcambodia.org/faq.html

Requirements for Visa On Arrival(VOA) in Cambodia

It is important to make sure that there is plenty of space left in the passport, as a Cambodian visa alone takes up one page.
∗ A recent passport-size (2 inches x 2 inches)
∗ A Passport with at least 6 months validity at time of entry

Check Points For Cambodia Visa

There are not all check points are support Cambodia E-Visa. Yes (Supports e Visa); No (Does not support e Visa), please see below:

Check point on map https://www.google.com/maps/

One-Time To Apply Visa for C-L-M-V Countries

To offer a convenience way for travellers who make their journey to C-L-M-V countries (Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Vietnam) you could Apply Visa in one of these mentioned countries. Read more about One-Time To Apply Visa for C-L-M-V Countries

NOTE: only four above mentioned countries!

Resource form main local newspaper Phnom Penh Post

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