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Ancient Angkor and floating village

4 days private tour price on request

Begin your journey with an unforgettable experience to the ruin complexes. A visit is within the Angkor Archaeological Park, one of the top 25 travel landmark Angkor Wat , explore bas-relief of Hindu mythology around the gallery, continue to the main complex and then make a short trip to silted houses and floating village at the great lake Tonle Sap.

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Summary of Ancient Angkor and floating village

Discover ancient cities of the Khmer Empire and ruin temples of Angkor, and then visit the great Tonle Sap Lake, floating village in the countryside. Your brilliant days will start with variation of the ancient temples that originally built for gods and his ancestors and consider as the highest empire kingdom in the region with the nicest view of the Tonle Sap great lake, culture of people, stunning view of the stilted buildings, raft and boat houses, earn their living by fishing farming could help you understand even more how lake people lead their lifestyle.

Tour Highlights

  • Day 1: Private pick up at the airport to your hotel
  • Day 2: Visit well-known Temples of Angkor
  • Day 3: Sunrise at Angkor Wat temple & visit floating village
  • Day 4: Meet your guide and transfer to the airport

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