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About Pure Cambodia Tour

Our team has been 15 years working in tourism industry in Cambodia. We have consulted, advised and delivered information to almost all customers around the world when they would like travel or heading their journey to Cambodia. We love nature, culture, history and our own people; we love to share and help to provide our good experiences to our customers for their value travel.

What Make Us A Good Choice?

Travel with local Travel specialist

They are all born and live here or even traveled there many times. They all have been well trained so we trusted in service when provided to our customers, that it is a hundred percent safe and make their journey or trip become true and much appreciate.

We care of your holiday

Leave your dream holiday with us. We then take care your accommodation, transportations etc., before you touch the ground. We’ll make sure that our 24 hours service will make your holiday amazing unforgettable.

You are better than almost guide books

You might have already looked for more information via the Internet and come local travel companies, magazine or others, before you make your journey to Cambodia but this could be out of date or the companies fail to update it. However our company keeps our website update for our customers almost every month. Moreover we provide real experience and where the latest knowledge of the area, of local people, culture and history when they have been to the place then just written information.

Excellence value for money

We promise that we will provide quality holiday that is matching to your value money and time, whether the price is high or low. Every single excursion has researched to ensure the high standard are met and satisfied. Our itinerary of regular review and our response to client feed backs ensure that you will have a unique, enjoyable, and memorable holiday in Cambodia.